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From the day she was born, she becomes an apple of her father's eyes. her silent tears do wonders.. and dad agrees to do on what he used to said a big 'NO' earlier. she loves to be in his father's arm. there's no other places better that that-cosy. she can walk in style all day long without looking tired. especially when it came about shopping. and dad would always gave everything she wanted. there's no mom since she learnt how to walk. she barely able to hide her feelings that she also wanted her mom to be by her side. but dad would always remind her about how much he loves her. that she meant a lot in her father's life.sometimes, she burns her hand.. while learning cooking to her beloved father... but she never complains. when a little girl learns how to cook for her father. you know how much he meant a lot to her. she likes to be called 'princess' by her father. it feels like there's no others can compete her when it comes about her father's love.she would even drop a lot of hints to tell her father that she loves him a lot. but she won't come to say it directly. that's her ego anyway. she also feels protective when her father's by her side. she is expected to seal her words to crush her emotions.. to stop her tears.. and to have a big smile on her face.. no matter she's crying hard inside. she can cry all night long, but the next morning when her eyes are red.. it's just because the mascara hit her eyes. she is the one.. who is treated like a princess in her father's house. and now, father's gone.